Frequently Asked Questions:

Which cleat insert system does my shoe have?

For the most up-to-date information, see our Cleat Reference Guide by clicking on the image below.

Cleat Replacement Guide

Where can I purchase Softspikes golf cleats and accessories?

Softspikes brand cleats can be found in most sporting goods, golf and mass retail locations throughout the UK and Europe. CLICK HERE for current list.

Do Tour players wear Softspikes® brand golf cleats?

Yes, more than 75% of all touring professionals using plastic cleats choose Softspikes® brand cleats regularly in competition.

How often should golfers change their cleats?

To maximize your performance, we recommend that you check your cleats after every 10 rounds of golf. You just may need a new set of SOFTSPIKES® brand cleats. Most avid golfers should change plastic cleats twice per season. Also, you should note that cleats in certain parts of a shoe wear out faster than in other parts. Keep an eye on the bottom of your shoes to ensure the maximum in traction.

Which major shoe companies use the Fast Twist® insert system?

Eight of the top ten golf shoe brands sold in the United States use the fast twist system. In all, 18 of the top 22 shoe companies worldwide use the Fast Twist® system.

What is the easiest way to change my golf cleats?

The Softspikes® CleatKaddy™ is a wonderful ratcheting wrench that makes changing your cleats quick and easy. However, if your cleats are very worn, try the Softspikes® Cleat Ripper™ to remove stubborn old cleats.

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